Monday, 6 September 2010

Art Wave and Teaching

A wonderful Art based weekend spent in the beautiful garden at the Garden House surrounded by late flowering umbellifers and the sound of bees drowned out by the Lettercarving chisel tapping!I got up to the letter J on a new alphabet whilst speaking to some lovely people so a great day!
Sunday was spent at Victor Stuart Grahams Open House in Meeching Road Newhaven where I am in a group show. 2 til 5 pm Sat and Sun next weekend so do come along! Joy Fox Button work,Carol Butler embroidered nests and some surreal boxes and of course a fabulous collection of Lettercarved delights!Its the last Art Wave weekend so dont miss it!
Back to the Workshop now where a huge bowl awaits a 52 letter quote which will be carved on to the top rim......Ill let you know how it goes! Tap tap....Tap Tap..... 

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