Monday, 28 May 2012

A visit from a Photographer

The photographer Alun Callender who photographs for national and international magazines visited my workshop and home last month to get images ready for my portfolio.

His photographic ability is amazing achieving great clarity to pieces that are notoriously difficult to photograph.

Much of my work being lettercarved and in shallow relief relies heavily on light to show its definition.
Alun was aware of this throughout the shoot and it was a tribute to his skill and patience that such lovely images were captured.

These Portland stone boulders above read : The most beautiful stones have been tossed by the wind and polished to brilliance by lifes strongest storms.
You roll them like the action of the waves as you read the script.

The green oak piece is one of the first wood carving that I have made for myself, I have recently ordered a 6ft column which I hope to begin carving in the next couple of weeks.

During the photo shoot we lit the candles and it was lovely to see its practical and sculptural potential.

The poppies in flower in my garden were the inspiration for this piece.
Thanks to Alun for his professional skill and I hope to work again with him on future project.

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  1. Beautiful photos of your work, cant wait to see more! x