Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Hurstpierpoint Festival Lettercarving and Sculpture Demo

Here are some of the pebbles I have been carving recently. They are beautiful limestone and sandstone and although very hard too carve because they wobble terribly,produce a lovely line with great colour definition. I will be demonstrating lettercarving on Sunday 19th September at the Church in Hurstpierpoint as part of the Hurst Festival.2-4pm and there is no entrance fee.There will be a group exhibition and lots of exciting events going on.If you cant make it but would like to try Lettercarving or sculpture I offer individual tuition or small group work from my workshop in Brighton.Excellent and massively competitive rates available to all!! Hope to see you soon!
I am off to relax now as I have been carving a piece of slate all day with the words..'Walk Beside Me' as a commission.A beautiful purple heather slate from Wales and a delight to carve.When its finished Ill post it and you can let me know what you think!
The tools have been wrapped up and cleaned off for the night.....

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